An Exclusive Club For The Crypto Twitter

Buy & Stake $GCHECK to access our Golden Check Badge along with the Twitter Blue Check

What’s Special with
Gold Check?

Twitter based community project built on Ethereum network

Offers distinct profile visibility and higher reach with Exclusive Twitter Badge

Access to a global community with all sorts of crypto influencers, marketers, devs & more.

Participate in DAO and help choosing new opportunity pathways for $GCHECK ecosystem

How to buy and access
Gold Check?

Get Metamask and buy Some ETH


Stake your $GCHECK for 1 month and access Golden Star Twitter badge

For the real Gold Check
Become an early user of Gold Check and get a chance to win privileged access to our merchandise drop.

Token Metrics

Liquidity Pool 70% 252 Billion
Marketing 10% 42 Billion
CEX 10% 42 Billion
Team 10% 42 Billion


Crypto Stars is a global community for web3 enthusiasts, where all the Stars of Crypto scene unite and propel the decentralised revolution towards the moon.
Users can swap ETH to buy $GCHECK from Uniswap and then need to stake their respective $GCHECK for atleast 1 month to avail a subsequent membership for that time period.
No need to wait for 30 days for a new account, access our Golden Star Twitter badge along with Twitter Blue Check.

Distinct profile visibility and higher reach.

Participate in DAO and vote for future opportunities and milestones.

Gold Check community will consist of global crypto influencers, marketers, NFT artists, web3 developers and ton of degens. So, the possibilities of building something great are just endless.